[sac-user] Problem with 1.3.3-334/sac2c-1.3.3-MijasCosta-334-geedc7-omnibus.tar.gz

Troels Henriksen athas at sigkill.dk
Tue Apr 16 09:17:41 CEST 2019

I attempted to install SaC through the generic Linux tarball.  The
README mentions that install.sh takes an -s flag, but this is rejected.
Using just -i allows install.sh to finish, but it does not install a
sac2c (and sac4c, etc) binary.  Instead, it installs sac2c_d and sac2c_p
in $DIR/libexec/sac2c/1.3.3-MijasCosta-334-geedc7/.  Am I intended to
symlink these myself?

I wanted to report this on the SaC bug tracker, but the GitLab instance
prohibits me from signing up as 'Email domain is not authorized for

\  Troels
/\ Henriksen

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