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Scholz, Sven-Bodo S.Scholz at hw.ac.uk
Mon Mar 19 21:36:41 CET 2018

Well, I must say I was flabbergasted that it did not work……
I had a look into this…..

The restrictions are as follows:

fold-wlfs are not done by default :-(

if a nesting of WLs occurs *within one function body* the inner WL is *not* done.

I re-wrote your euler into:

int[.] euler(int n)
    a = with {
        ([1] <= [i] <= [n]) : relprime(n,i);
    }:genarray([n], 0);

    return a;

pushing the summation into main…..


and then I remembered that, as of recently, we auto-inline small functions! LOL!

So what the compiler did was to inline euler, and to recombine the summation => BINGO no go!

all that was needed, was to add “noinline” to euler…..:

int[.] euler(int n)
    a = with {
        ([1] <= [i] <= [n]) : relprime(n,i);
    }:genarray([n], 0);

    return a;

gives you a cudarized version……..

=> more work on the CUDA magic is clearly needed :-)


On 19 Mar 2018, at 18:49, Meyer, Jonathan C <jcm5 at hw.ac.uk<mailto:jcm5 at hw.ac.uk>> wrote:

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Dear Clemens,

I have declared my function as "inline" and SaC now says about the inner "with loop" : "Inner With-loop => no cudarization!".
I suppose it means what it means, that the inner loop in a nested with loop setting can never be "cudarized" ?

However, even the top level "with loop" cannot be "cudarized", still "Body of With-Loop to complex => no cudarization!"

Also, the inner loop calls a function too, which I've tried to inline, with no effect.

Hopefully, since I've quite slowed down by this issue, the source code is very simple (attached).

Thank you for your assistance :-)

Best regards,

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Dear Jonathan,

Welcome to the world of SAC.

Have you declared your functions euler and relprime as "inline"?
We don't have an inline heuristics, and the cuda backend does not
like function calls in with-loop bodies.

This goes as follows:
  inline int foo( int a) { return a;}

Apart from that it might indeed be useful to see your complete
source code, assuming it's not exactly gigantic. ;-)


On 3/18/18 12:21 AM, Meyer, Jonathan C wrote:
Dear all,

First, I am a total beginner to SaC and functional programming in general.
I would therefore greatly appreciate any help :)

I have managed to write some code that works fine using target "mt_pth", with working parallelization.
However, despite my desperate tries, SaC can't make it work on GPUs -> "Body of With-Loop to complex => no cudarization!".

The loops are :

- [In main()]
a = with{
                ([0,0] <= [i,j] < [15,1000]) : euler(i*1000+j+1);
}:fold(+, 0);

- [In euler()]
a = with {
                ([1] <= [i] <= [n]) : relprime(n,i);

 }:fold(+, 0);

For reference, the goal is to compute the sum of totient in a given range of integers.
If needed, I attached my source code.

Thank you for your help !

Best regards,
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