[sac-user] typedef more than just a synonym?

Rob Stewart R.Stewart at hw.ac.uk
Thu Feb 18 23:27:58 CET 2016


This compiles:

int[.,.] transpose1(int[.,.] img)
  return ArrayTransform::transpose(img);

This doesn't compile:

typedef int[.,.] gray_image;
gray_image transpose2(gray_image img )
  x = ArrayTransform::transpose((int[.,.]) img);
  return ((gray_image) x);

Is a typedef more than just a synonym?

Here's the error:

  **** Splitting Wrappers ...
./test.sac 8 error: All instances of "transpose2" contain type errors

error: line 11 in file ./test.sac
error: inferred type _MAIN::gray_image[.,.] should match declared type _MAIN::gray_image



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