[sac-user] with-loop parallelization

Juhasz David juhda at inf.elte.hu
Mon Jan 10 11:37:26 CET 2011

Hi Carl,

Thanks for the links, they are useful papers, especially the newest one.

In that paper you wrote, you have implemented different selectors and 
schedulers. As I can see, the compiler use static scheduling by default. 
How can i choose which scheduler or selector will be used?

Another question is about nested with-loops. If a with-loop is 
parallelized, there is no way to parallelize an inner with-loop, because 
there is no idle worker thread. So the multi-threaded code is parallelized 
by the outermost with-loop. One of my ideas is a tree-based 
parallelization for nested with-loops, but i don't sure there is a reason 
for existence of a complex technique like this. However take to the 
current (one with-loop) parallelization, theoretically, in special cases 
maybe better if parallelize by an inner with-loop instead of the 
outermost. It is not possible to give any hint to the compiler, which 
with-loop to parallelize?

Best regards,

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