[sac-user] sac2c options

Juhasz David juhda at inf.elte.hu
Tue Dec 28 17:39:10 CET 2010

Hi all,

I've tried to use the '-d syscall' option on sac2c, but the compilation failed with the following error:
ERROR: Invalid command line entry: sac2c  -d
The '-d nocleanup' and '-d cccall' options cause the same error.
I use the most updated downloadable release, sac2c-1.00-beta-linux-i386.

Another problem is the cache simulation feature. I do not know how it works exactly...
I tried compile with '-cs -csdefaults sagf' options, but the executable doesn't create any memory trace file.
Does anybody have idea how to get to operate?

By the way, I look into the multithreaded implementation with PThreads, and I'd like to see the source code of SaC library to know how the worker threads are initialized and how they do their work with master_flag and spmd_function. :) Is that source available to study?

Thanks for any advice,

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