[sac-user] SDL running on Mac OS X

Robert de Groote robert.degroote at utwente.nl
Fri Dec 3 22:16:28 CET 2010

Hi Fernando,

It's defined in the attached header file. It's been some time since I implemented the SDL workaround, so I don't exactly recall how the objective C file finds about the header file as it does not explicitly include it.


On Dec 3, 2010, at 3:32 AM, Soulless Gmail IMAP wrote:

> Hi Robert,
> First, excuse my poor english. My name is Fernando. I'm developing an Mac OS X app using SDL libraries. I need use Garbage Collection and SDL crash my app and I received:
> malloc: *** auto malloc[17287]: error: GC operation on unregistered thread. Thread registered implicitly. Break on auto_zone_thread_registration_error() to debug.
> I read your solution using SDL_ThreadWrapperData and SDL_ThreadWrapper. When I read your SDL_ThreadWrapper function all is clear but, what is SDL_ThreadWrapperData? I write your function but I received an error:
> SDL_ThreadWrapperData undeclared
> Are SDL_ThreadWrapperData a struct? Where is declared? Thank you and excuse my bad english again
> Fernando
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