[sac-user] SDL running on Mac OS X

Soulless Gmail IMAP soullessf at gmail.com
Fri Dec 3 03:32:06 CET 2010

Hi Robert,

First, excuse my poor english. My name is Fernando. I'm developing an Mac OS X app using SDL libraries. I need use Garbage Collection and SDL crash my app and I received:

malloc: *** auto malloc[17287]: error: GC operation on unregistered thread. Thread registered implicitly. Break on auto_zone_thread_registration_error() to debug.

I read your solution using SDL_ThreadWrapperData and SDL_ThreadWrapper. When I read your SDL_ThreadWrapper function all is clear but, what is SDL_ThreadWrapperData? I write your function but I received an error:

SDL_ThreadWrapperData undeclared

Are SDL_ThreadWrapperData a struct? Where is declared? Thank you and excuse my bad english again


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