[sac-user] My wish list for Release 2.0

Salem Reyen salemreyen at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 26 15:23:40 CEST 2010

I understand that SaC
is just at version 1.0 and there are more things which can be added.  I
don't mind that SaC doesn't provide object oriented classes (a useful
features for having a cleaner design for its graphic library),
lazy evaluation
(to avoid loading gigantic object before its actual usage) or eval
function (to generate complex math function on the fly) because they
can be done at user level if SaC is used as an intermediate language. 
However, there is one missing feature that cannot be done at user
level:  implicit out of core support.  That is, the user doesn't have
to worry about "out of memory" message.  To reduce overhead, the
compiler can minimize I/O by generating code that can prefetch large
data from the disk before its use and reuse the data from a "cache" to
avoid reloading.  Since the speed of solid state
have increased so dramatically (250MB/s to 1.5GB/s per drive), it may
be practical to re-visit the "old" topics such as I/O minimization and
parallel I/O (eg, like the Roomy project http://roomy.sourceforge.net/). 

Well, I am just rambling ... 



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